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Fire Damage

If your home has been damaged by fire, our DreamWorks team understands the need to restore your life to normal as soon as possible.

After our professionals complete a thorough mitigation, certain items in your home must be removed to make way for emergency procedures. At this time, careful attention will be taken to gather and pack your valuable possessions as needed for cleaning or replacement. These items usually consist of property that is not attached, such as furniture, computers, electronic equipment, knickknacks, clothes, linens and pictures.

Once the contents have been moved as needed, the demo can start on all building components deemed unsalvageable for fire damage restoration. During this process pictures are taken and a sample of each material removed is carefully documented for replacement. Once the fire damaged building components are removed, then cleaning and drying of the structure can begin. Fires of any size can cause major damage to the interior of a structure and its contents. Our DreamWorks team can also assist you with, odor removal, dehumidification, water damage and construction services to repair any structural damage to your home.